Ardara in Donegal attempts to set the first world record for the largest number of Saint Patricks gathered in one place.

While Bandon in County Cork and Glenties in County Donegal battled it out to beat the Guinness World Record for the greatest number of people dressed as leprechauns gathered in the one place; Ardara in County Donegal attempted to set the world record for having the most St Patricks on parade.

Gerard Slowey said the idea came about as a way to commemorate the memory of local man Hugh Diver. Until his untimely death, Hugh always dressed as Saint Patrick to lead the Ardara parade.

The Saint Patrick’s Day Parade in Ardara is traditionally held on the first Sunday after Saint Patrick’s Day and this year over 200 Saint Patricks, men women and children, assembled in the village before the parade began.

Charlie McHugh is delighted the sun is shining on proceedings.

We even have the weather with us as well so Saint Patrick must be looking down on us.

Bosco McGill is confident Ardara’s community spirit will ensure they create the record and he says people are coming from Dublin, Italy and Holland to participate in the attempt.

The Saint Patricks gathered at Saint Shanaghan’s Centre in Ardara and judges were on hand to verify numbers and ensure the patron saints were properly attired. Children were not included in the final tally but a total of 229 Saint Patricks were verified and a new world record was established.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 18 March 2012. The reporter is Áine Ní Bhreisleáin.