'Ireland's Eye' visits painter Pauline Bewick at her home in Glenbeigh, County Kerry.

Pauline Bewick tells reporter Colum Kenny about the inspiration behind her work, how it is more of a feeling than a conscious decision. 

An ideal setting for artists. South Kerry, where Ireland's highest mountains reach out into the Atlantic ocean. It's the perfect environment for a creative person whose work is at one with nature.

In the studio, next to her home, Pauline spends the days painting, inspired by her surroundings. 

She uses watercolours to express her feelings. Anything else is too slow to catch them.

Pauline feels that the environment around her has a tremendous affect on her work, describing her move from Dublin to Kerry as an escape to nature.  Through her work, Pauline hopes that she is putting out a message that nature is beautiful and worth looking at and preserving. Optimistic about life, Pauline says she is very excited about painting all the time.

This episode of 'Ireland's Eye' was broadcast on 11 February 1982. The reporter is Colum Kenny.