A series of six books will be published to mark the origins of Irish radio in 1926.

RTÉ looks back on 75 years of Irish radio with the launch of the book '2RN and the Origins of Irish Radio', the first in six publications commissioned by RTÉ commemorating Irish radio since 1926.

The author of the book Richard Pine outlines the political and social controversies that surrounded the establishment of the station. 

It examines broadcasting's integral role in society but also recalls the bitter controversy involving two of those involved in its creation.

The remaining five books are due to be published later in year cover subjects such as drama, news, current affairs and the Irish language.

Chairman of the RTÉ Authority Paddy Wright contemplates the future for the station in relation to a proposed licence fee hike. 

2RN began broadcasting from a studio at 36 Little Denmark Street in Dublin. The name 2RN was thought to have been inspired by the last three syllables of the song title 'Come Back To Erin'.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 February 2002. The reporter is Colm Connolly.