With the arrival of the New Year, thousands of emigrants back home for Christmas are at Dublin Airport embarking on the return journey to their new lives and jobs abroad.

Many of those leaving Dublin Airport are Ireland’s newest emigrants, including Donal Coleman from Castlebar in County Mayo who is returning to Perth in Australia. His mother Ann is unhappy with the situation.

It’s not great really, because he’s the second son I have that’s gone to Australia in the last week.

On a more positive note, she and her husband hope to visit their sons later in the year.

Rowan McFeely from Dublin originally planned to stay in Boston for a few years. However, his plans changed when he met and subsequently married an American woman. His mother Ros is upbeat about her son and daughter-in law’s return to the States.

Behind the farewell tears is a hope that the emigrants will one day return home to Ireland. Karen Greaney from Dun Laoghaire in County Dublin does not plan to return home immediately but expects she will come back for good in the next three or four years.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 2 January 2012. The reporter is Aoife Hegarty.