The 'Walk To Work', organised by the Pat Kenny Radio Show, was an attempt to reduce the growing traffic chaos around the country by getting people out of the cars and on their feet.

The Automobile Association (AA) reported that traffic was lighter than normal in many cities as some commuters chose to walk to work instead of driving or taking the bus.

The idea was to reduce the number of vehicles which clog up the approach roads to our cities.

Carole Coleman spoke to Pat Kenny as he made his way to RTÉ Studios on foot. He says that it appeared that traffic was moving more smoothly. Despite the steady flow of walkers, drivers were still in a majority. While many enjoyed their walk to work, they said it would not be practical every day and are looking for better public transport and using car pooling as an option.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 December 1996. The reporter is Carole Coleman.