The Society of Independent Producers will not work with the Irish Film Board.

The committee of Society of Independent Producers has decided to ask members not to submit applications to the Irish Film Board and to withdraw any submitted applications. John Boorman of the Irish Film Board is not worried by this action and says,

I have been innundated with material... mostly rubbish of course

Only three members of potentially seven board members have been appointed to the Irish Film Board so far. The board members were chosen by the Minister for Energy Michael O'Leary.

Eamonn O'Muiri wonders why the contract for the film 'Angel' was given to a British company and not the National Film Studios of Ireland. John Boorman says that the production of the film 'Angel' of which he is executive producer is based at the National Film Studios of Ireland. He is delighted that four-fifths of the funding is coming from a British source.

This 'Féach' report was broadcast on 6 November 1981. The reporter is Eamonn O'Muiri

The bilingual current affairs series Féach reported on national and international events and was broadcast from 1967 to 1984. Féach was aired every Sunday evening and featured reports in both Irish and English. The Irish word "Féach" meaning "Look" gives an indication of what the programme was about as editor JOHN ROSS stated "It will try to show, from a fresh viewpoint, what is happening at home and abroad each week". (RTÉ Guide, 14 July 1967, p.17) The show was originally anchored by Andy O'Mahony with reporting assistance from Seán Duignan and Mícheál Ó Briain.