On 16 October 1961 Cork Airport was officially opened by Taoiseach Seán Lemass. PP O'Reilly reports from the official opening ceremony.

In a statement from Lord Mayor of Cork Anthony Barry he states

Cork is now entering into a great period of expansion and the airport is a vital factor... The airport provides a challenge and an opportunity. We are ready.

Reporter PP O'Reilly joins the VIPs and takes his seat on board the first passenger flight from Dublin to Cork. He describes the scenes as they approach Cork airport describing it as

A very significant occasion in the history of aviation and Ireland.

Hundreds turn out at Cork Airport to greet the passengers as they arrive and the army band perform the Taoiseach's salute 'Amhrán Dóchais'.

The Taoiseach is welcomed by the Lord Mayor of Cork Anthony Barry. The ceremony is followed by a lunch hosted by the Junior Chamber of Commerce at the Imperial Hotel, where Mr Lemass speaks about his faith in the future of air transportation.  

In 2011 'Nationwide' broadcast a special programme marking 50 years of Cork Airport. In this clip Jennie O'Sullivan takes a look back through the archives at the history of the airport since 1961. This episode of 
'Nationwide' was broadcast on 17 October 2011.