Exotic male dance group Men of Aran entertain the Beo le Brídóg audience.

Five young men in sailor costumes put an erotic twist to an Irish dance routine. The dance group known as Men of Aran perform before telling Brídóg Ní Bhuacahlla about themselves.  

One of the dancers, Dara introduces his fellow dancers in Irish, Cashel, Tiernan, Killian and Lorcan. They train for up to eight hours a day, are all single and get a lot of fan mail. Prior to becoming members of Men of Aran, Dara worked in satellite mapping, Cashel was a fitness instructor, Tiernan was in college studying tourism, Killian was a barman and Lorcan was a disco dancer. All are enjoying their new careers as dancers and the attention they receive.

'Beo le Brídóg' was an Irish language television magazine programme presented by Brídóg Ní Bhuacahlla. 

This episode of 'Beo le Brídóg' was broadcast on 9 October 1996.