Estate agents come together to introduce technological innovation in the buying and selling of homes.

Buying a house can be time consuming, going through advertisements in newspapers and visiting estate agent after estate agent. Auctioneers hope to put an end to the long search using a computerised system called 'Link'. The hope is to reduce the time required to find a home in Dublin from three months to one month.

On a visit to one estate agent office, one couple spell out their search requirements.

We're keen to get something in the Dundrum area... We were thinking of spending about £35,000.

The system works by entering the house hunter's search criteria into a database, retrieving the matching results and printing off the corresponding brochures - thereby matching house hunters with properties that fulfill what they are looking for.

The Link system is only available to members of the Auctioneers Institute. The cost of selling a home on the system is £35 and it is free to use for buyers. Link is the brainchild of Pat Stephenson who explains the origins and advantages of the system.

Somebody selling their property can instruct one agent and yet have thirty branch offices... or as will be very shortly a network all over the country.

This new system has implications for newspapers in terms of advertising revenue generated through property supplements.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 10 September 1986. The reporter is Conor Fennell.