Several Irish companies are taking part in The Cartoon Forum in France, and success there could mean even more business for the Irish animation industry.

The Cartoon Forum is an opportunity for Irish animators to showcase their work, and compete for backing from financiers against other European companies. The Irish Film Board says that the strong Irish presence at the event indicates how successful the Irish animation industry has become.

At the previous Cartoon Forum ‘Wobblyland’ a pre-school animation by Brown Bag Films received a standing ovation, and the success of this trailer, means that one year on the cartoon series is now in full scale production in the company’s Dublin offices. ‘Wobblyland’ will soon be available on television stations around the world.

Cathal Gaffney Producer, Managing Director of Brown Bag Films is optimistic about the future

The animation industry at the moment is doing very well, it’s very much punching above its weight and has a big footprint in the international market.

But ‘Wobblyland’ is just one example of the boom that has taken place recently in the Irish animation industry. Irish animation is currently a huge growth area employing over three hundred animators, even more than the Sullivan Bluth era of the early 1990s.

Kavaleer Productions are another Irish company attending this year's Cartoon Forum. In the last five years their staff has grown from four animators to 40 and this year they will be showcasing a cartoon called ‘Garth’.

Andrew Kavanagh Chief Executive Officer of Kavaleer Productions will be bringing a pilot and a trailer to the Forum.

It’s been a fair amount of work, I think it’s the most work we’ve put into a presentation so far, and I think it really shows.

An RTÉ News report by Anna Murphy broadcast on 18 September 2006.