Big Brother winner Brian Dowling meets his fans in Dublin but the reality television star has no words for the media.

Over a thousand people turn up for a book signing with Big Brother winner Brian Dowling. The 23 year old airline worker from county Kildare was in Dublin to promote 'Big Brother 2 - The Official Unseen Story'.

Brian Dowling was joined at the book signing at Easons on Dublin's O'Connell Street by the first evictee from the Big Brother house Penny Ellis.

As the crowd and photographers began to get out of hand, the signing was cut short without even getting a word from Brian. Minutes later, he reappeared to chants of "We want Brian"  and posed for photographs with the adoring admirers. One fan commented,

He smelt gorgeous.

An RTÉ News report by Anne Marie Green broadcast on 21 August 2001.