BioMedical ethics expert talks to RTÉ's Mary Wilson about a grandmother due to give birth to her own grandchildren.

Mary Wilson talks to Arthur L Caplan, PhD, Director of BioMedical Ethics at the University of Minnesota regarding the case of the first American woman who will give birth to her own grandchildren.

42 year old Mrs Arlette Schweitzer of Aberdeen, South Dakota is pregnant with her own grandchildren. She is acting as a gestational surrogate for her 22 year old daughter Christa Uchytil who was born without a uterus and cannot bear children. Mrs Schweitzer is carrying twins which were produced from her daughter's eggs, fertilised in a laboratory with sperm from her daughter's husband. The resulting embryos were implanted in Schweitzer's womb. 

Caplan believes that considering all the facts this case is

As close to acceptable as morally possible.

This will be the first time in the United States that a woman will give birth to her own grandchildren. The birth is due to occur in November.

A 'Morning Ireland' report by Mary Wilson broadcast on 7 August 1991. The report was introduced by Eamon Lawlor.