Plans unveiled for a national memorial to the Great Famine which is to be located near Croagh Patrick in County Mayo.

Mayo was chosen as the location for the memorial due the county's experience during the famine.

Avril Doyle TD comments on the choice of Mayo as the location for the memorial.

Mayo's story is very poignant in itself. They were particularly badly and adversely affected by the famine and emigration has hit Mayo particularly badly and I think the story still runs here...

The memorial is to be sculpted by Galway based artist John Behan and the finished piece will be thirty feet long and up to twenty five feet high.

Cast in bronze, decimated skeletal figures form the sails of a ghost-like coffin ship

Some people think the sculpture is too graphic in depicting the horror of the famine. Artist John Behan says,

Nothing can be too strong a statement from an artist if you are going to make any kind of an impact with what you are saying.

The monument will be placed on land donated by Mayo County Council and will act as a reminder of times past to future generations.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 31 July 1996. The reporter is Eileen Magnier.