Relatives of veterans of the Easter Rising and the War of Independence are to be issued with certificates to replace medals which have been lost or stolen.

During celebrations to mark the Easter Rising earlier this year, many people were able to wear medals given to their deceased relatives following the 1916 Rising and the War of Independence. After the fighting, over 80,000 medals were issued. The medals now have both a sentimental and a financial value with a 1916 medal recently selling for €100,000. 

However, thousands of families were unable to proudly display the medals of their loved ones - because they had been destroyed, lost or stolen. The Government now has plans to issue certificates in place of the missing medals.

Joe O'Brien speaks to Minister for Defence Willie O'Dea, and Con Clarke, Gabrielle Darling Byrne and Eilish O'Toole King who are relatives of veterans

An RTÉ News report by Joe O'Brien broadcast on 30 July 2006.