The National Board of Science and Technology publish a study on the impact of new micro electronics on Irish industry.

One of the widespread beliefs about the microchip is that it will replace thousands of jobs. Brendan Keenan talks to Dr Eamon Lalor of the Science Board and asks him if their report confirmed this?

We see this technology as a very basic part of what will make Irish industry efficient.

Eamon Lalor says that there is some basis to this view but that the overall effects on the labour force will be rather small. Some individual sectors will not grow and opportunities within those sectors may decline yet other areas will see growth as a result of the technology.

The report emphasises that Ireland should embrace this new technology as something which will make Irish industry efficient and competitive. Eamon Lalor stresses the importance of continuing the development of telecommunications in Ireland as an island economy.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 July 1981. The reporter is Brendan Keenan.