'Hands' takes a look at the history of patchwork in Ireland.

A visit to the state sponsored Kilkenny Design Workshops which were set up almost twenty years earlier to promote design and craftsmanship in Ireland.

This clip from the documentary features Alex Meldrum a young County Antrim craftswoman who has travelled throughout Ireland collecting over 200 patchworks for a unique exhibition of her craft.

Primarily a craft of thrift, it encouraged resourcefulness. It was a combination of this resourcefulness, imagination, and great needlework skills that produced these exciting and original patchwork designs.

Behind each of the patchworks is an intimate and personal story. Alex Meldrum tells the story of one such hand-sewn patchwork which was created over a hundred years ago. It was made by a 14 year old Roscommon girl named Margaret Egan.

This episode of 'Hands' was broadcast on 3 July 1981.

'Hands' was directed and produced by David Shaw Smith. Commentary is provided by Conor McAnally.