Ping Ping and Ming Ming arrive at Dublin Zoo after a long journey.

The two giant panda bears are on a one hundred day visit to Dublin from China. Ping Ping and Ming Ming travelled from China to London Heathrow Airport where they then boarded an Aer Lingus flight for Dublin. A team of experts including a vet and a dietitian have travelled with the bears and will look after them during their stay in Dublin.

Ping Ping is male and Ming Ming female and both bears were bred in captivity. Peter Wilson the Director of Dublin Zoo had travelled to China to arrange the visit which is being sponsored by West Coast Cooler. With only 1,000 pandas left in China the chance to see the bears in Dublin is a rare opportunity for the Irish public.

On arrival at Dublin Airport, Ping Ping and Ming Ming were escorted to their home for the next 100 days at Dublin Zoo.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 12 June 1986. The reporter is Andrew Kelly.