Jennifer Guinness free after stand off between Gardai and her kidnappers where gunfire was exchanged.

Jennifer Guinness, wife of merchant banker John Guinness was rescued from a house in Waterloo Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin.

Jennifer Guinness had been abducted from her Howth home on April 8. She had been held captive by an armed gang for eight days. A demand for a ransom of £2 million was made. Gardaí say no ransom was paid.

Various areas of Garda expertise were involved in the investigation including the Serious Crime Squad, Special Branch and Security Task Force.

By good detective work and intense surveillance the gang were finally tracked down to Waterloo Road

On her release, Jennifer Guinness was driven away in a Garda car with her husband. She waved and smiled to reporters and photographers as she passed through the security cordon. Charlie Bird reports how Mrs Guinness said,

I'm delighted to be free.. well treated ... delighted to be going home

Young men living in the houses next to the house on Waterloo Road who witnessed the siege and the rescue recalled the names used by the kidnappers as Michael and Johnny.

Four people were convicted for kidnapping Jennifer Guinness. Anthony Kelly, Brian McNicholl, and brothers John and Mick Cunningham. Three men were arrested at the house in Waterloo Road and one man at a different location. They all served time in prison.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 April 1986. The reporter is Tom McCaughren.