1966 marked 50 years since the Easter Rising of 1916 and commemorations took place throughout Ireland. The closing ceremony took place at the General Post Office in O'Connell Street.

On 16 April 1966 veterans paraded down O'Connell Street in Dublin passing the GPO. President Éamon de Valera arrives at the ceremony where he inspects a guard of honour before addressing the crowd.

In his closing speech President de Valera said that while a great deal has been achieved since 1916, two tasks still remained - the restoration of the Irish language and the unification of the country.

This mute footage was part of an RTÉ News report broadcast on 16 April 1966.

Colour Footage of Events of Easter Week 1966

A military parade and ceremony outside the General Post Office in Dublin marked the beginning of the events to mark the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising on 10 April 1966.  Telefís Éireann was broadcasting in black and white in 1966, which meant that any recordings that were to be kept of the commemoration events would only exist in black and white. Television producer Michael Johnston came up with the idea of using colour film cameras to document the events. These films were not intended for broadcast but purely as a record of the events of Easter Week 1966. This colour footage is now available to view on the RTÉ Archives website. It was filmed using three film cameras operated by Godfrey Graham, Stuart Hetherington and Will Warham. 

‘They Were There’

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