Geraldine Dillon recalls the last time she spoke to her brother Joseph Plunkett in the Metropole Hotel on 23 April.

On the morning of 23 April, Eoin MacNeill's countermanding order had been published in the newspapers. Throughout the morning Volunteers were going in and out of the city trying to find out what this meant. Geraldine Dillon, who's fiancée Thomas Dillon had received his mobilisation order made her way to the Metropole Hotel to ask her brother Joseph Plunkett what was going to happen next?

After a short time she got to see him and asked what they were going to do? 

By now Joseph and the other leaders were aware of Roger Casement's arrest in Kerry and the loss of the arms shipment. As a result they were expecting a reaction from the authorities. Geraldine states,

They were waiting for news from their spy in the Castle as to what steps the Castle were going to take.

They could be arrested at any moment and if that was to happen they would have to stand their ground, they could not run away.

We have to take the initiative and act first.

Geraldine Plunkett was interviewed for the RTÉ Television project 'Portraits 1916' on 20 November 1965.

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