A new invention in comfort design for car safety belts.

Alasdair Jackson meets inventor Jim Flanagan at his workshop in Ballymoe Village on the Galway-Roscommon border. Mr Flanagan's latest invention is a simple cushion for a seat belt. His wife Nuala works along side him in promoting and selling the new comfort cushion. They are convinced that this invention will be a commercial success.

Like many great inventions, Mr Flanagan got the idea from his wife who was complaining that her seat belt was giving her trouble.

It's simple and effective. A cushion which fits on the seat belt and takes the pressure off.

Roscommon County Development Manager Tom Lynch agrees that this idea has a degree of commercial viability and is working with the couple to make their product a success. 

An RTÉ News report by Alasdair Jackson broadcast on 9 April 1986.