In the week leading up to the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the Easter Rising a ceremony takes place at Banna Strand county Kerry in memory of Roger Casement and Captain Robert Monteith.

Mrs Florence Monteith Lynch, daughter of Captain Monteith, leads a party from the US who are in Ireland for the Jubilee commemoration. At a windy Banna Strand she addresses the crowd gathered and turns the sod on the memorial.

Chairman of the Casement Repatriation Committee, Dr Herbert Mackey also speaks and quotes from a letter written by Casement on Holy Thursday of Easter Week 1916. 

If we can succeed in the south west of Ireland we shall try to keep Tralee Bay as a port of call for submarines to bring us guns etc.

Among the guests at the ceremony were Kapitaen Raimund Weisbach and Korvetten-kapitaen Otto Walter, two members of the crew of the U-19, the submarine which brought Roger Casement and Captain Robert Monteith to Ireland shortly before the Easter Rising. They were joined by Herr H. Dunker, Herr W. Augustin and Herr F. Schmitz, surviving members of the crew of the arms-ship ‘Aud’.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 April 1966.