Claims emerge that the legendary racehorse Shergar snatched from the Aga Khan's stud at Newbridge in 1983 is alive and well.

The claims were made in The Sun newspaper. Speaking to Morning Ireland, Derek Thompson, Channel Four's racing commentator, says that if the claims had been made in any other newspaper, it might be real but because it is in The Sun he is sceptical. He says,

There's always lots of rumours about Shergar

Stories have emerged over the years that Shergar had been located in various locations from the Middle East to the Isle of Man, it now appears that he has shown up in the Channel Islands.

According to the report the people who claim to have found Shergar are trying to negotiate a finder's fee with Lloyds of London who insure the horse.

A 'Morning Ireland' report by Una Claffey broadcast on 28 March 1991.