Workers at Crannac Furniture set up a co-operative in Navan County Meath.

In 1972 workers at the Crannac Furniture factory were told they were to be laid off. However, they refused to stand by and let their jobs go. On 1 May 1972 the workers occupied the factory and on 17 July they set up a co-operative. They raised a loan and bought the property. The local community also offered support by purchasing shares in the venture. Nine years later the Crannac Furniture Co-op is still running successfully.

Crannac sells directly to the public and never to shops. Customers travel from miles around to the Meath showroom. As the factory is next door to the showroom, customers can see first-hand the craftsmanship that goes into making the furniture.

This episode of 'Ireland's Eye' was broadcast on 26 March 1981. The reporter is Colum Kenny.