The work of the 48th Irish Battalion in Lebanon.

RTÉ News reports from Lebanon in the days after St Patrick's Day 1981 where Tom McCaughren meets members of the 48th Irish Battalion.

This report shows singer Geraldine Brannigan arriving in Lebanon to entertain all eleven national contingents who make up the United Nations Peace Force, including the Irish troops of the 48th Irish Battalion. 

554 troops make up the Irish UN Battalion, coming from the Irish army, Aer Corps and Naval Service. Over 4,000 Irish troops have served in Lebanon since 1978. 

Reporter Tom McCaughren talks to Commandant Shea Duffy from Dublin about what life is like in Lebanon for the Irish troops. Commenting on the work of his troops he says

We have the highest regard for our own troops. We consider that they're very professional soldiers and given any situation, they would cope.

This report also features interviews with five soldiers from Tipperary who tell Tom McCaughren about their work and life for them in Lebanon.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 March 1981. The reporter is Tom McCaughren.