Jim Brett is 'Mayo Man of the Year' and a Psychiatric Nurse.

In 1981 Mayo man Jim Brett was honoured for his work as a community psychiatric nurse and was named 'Mayo Man of the Year'.

'Ireland's Eye' follows Jim Brett as he goes about his daily work of treating the mentally ill. Reporter Colum Kenny speaks to Jim about his work and developments being made in the treatment of mental illness.

New approaches to the treatment of mental illness see care workers bringing treatment to people's homes outside of Castlebar. 

Community psychiatric nurses are a new development in Ireland.

With 211 patients on his books, Jim has a very busy schedule travelling the roads of Mayo. HE says 

It's much more desirable to treat patients in their own home if possible.

For Jim the fact that treatment in the home helps to remove some of the stigma which was such a feature of psychiatric illness in the past. 

This episode of 'Ireland's Eye' was broadcast on 19 March 1981.