Carrie Daly, older sister of Ned Daly, Commandant of the Four Courts garrison in the Easter Rising recalls that Roger Casement was present at the Volunteer Parade held on St Patrick's Day 1916 in Limerick.

Similar Volunteer parades were held all over the country. Carrie Daly also says that while in Limerick Casement contracted malaria and her family had to take care of him until he recovered.

He got malaria in our house and I don't ever want to see malaria again. Raving day and night for two weeks.

She goes on to describe Casement as one of the most charming men she had ever met.

'A Munster Journal' was compiled and presented in the RTÉ Cork Studio by Donncha Ó Dulaing. 

'A Munster Journal - The Dalys of Limerick Remembered' was broadcast on 27 May 1966.