Peter Wood lost his sight 13 years ago. As a former rally driver however, his blindness has not put an end to his love for the road.

Since losing his sight in 1978 Peter has driven off-road throughout England and is now racing at Mondello Park in county Kildare. Peter currently holds the land-speed record for a blind man. His race around Mondello is part of a week long attempt to complete a circuit of the 17 rally tracks around Ireland and England. The challenge is part of a charity event to raise funds for 'Action for Blind People'.

Peter believes that by undertaking this challenge he can encourage other blind people to believe that they too can achieve what is often perceived as the impossible.

Peter faces all his driving challenges with the assistance and guidance of his son Tom. 

An RTÉ News report by Cathy Halloran broadcast on 21 February 1991.