Edition 73 of Century Ireland is out on 17 February 2016 with all the news from 100 years ago.

The main stories include:

  • "Do your duty and enlist in the British army"
    The leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party John Redmond made the an emotional appeal to Irish men to enlist in the British army.
  • "I did not call for John Redmond to be murdered"
    Terence MacSwiney, an Irish Republican, has denied claims that he called for John Redmond, the leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party to be murdered.
  • Battle for Verdun Rages On
    The brutal battle for Verdun continues to rage in the hills of north-eastern France.
  • Appeal to Support ‘fallen women’ of Cork
    A Cork priest, Fr Matthew, has appealed to the people of the city to support ‘women who traffic in vice and trade in sin.’ 

Additional stories include:

  • The Escalating Cost of War
  • German air raid kills English civilians 
  • Motorists urged to stop using cars for pleasure

Zeppelin Poster
Zeppelin Poster

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