In response to a call for Christmas blood donations, Frank Hall goes to give a pint of blood.

In University College Dublin, Frank Hall speaks to Denis Tierney from the Blood Transfusion Service Board about the particular need for donations during holiday periods. Tierney provides some statistics about donor types and says UCD students are a socially motivated group who make 12,000 donations annually.

The whole blood donation process takes 25 minutes from beginning to end with the actual donation taking just five minutes. After the donation is made the donor goes to the canteen and has a choice of tea, Guinness or a mineral along with some pleasant chat from the nurses.

Once he is deemed eligible to donate, Frank Hall gives a pint of blood alongside the students and notes how noisy UCD is when compared to the quiet elegance of Pelican House. The nurse tending to Hall tells him how donors are awarded for donations. When 100 donations are reached the donor gets to meet the President of Ireland. On hearing this Hall replies

The president? One hundred donations? The president will be coming to your funeral!

Once the donation is complete the nurse asks Frank Hall,

I’m sure you’ll be ready for a Guinness now are you?

An 'Ireland’s Eye' report by Frank Hall broadcast on 12 December 1980.