Taking time out on this visit to Ireland President of the United States of America Bill Clinton along with his wife Hillary and daughter Chelsea, made a brief shopping trip in Dublin city centre.

Nassau Street in Dublin went into lock down with a visibly heavy security presence for the duration of the shopping trip. Nevertheless the Clintons took the time to wave and smile at the crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of America's first family.

The Clintons spent around half an hour in the Blarney Woollen Mills where they browsed and made some purchases. Sales assistant Karen McLoughlin reveals the President bought a fisherman jumper, a couple of silk ties and a some Waterford Crystal Christmas ornaments.

In spite of heavy rain, onlookers were enthusiastic about seeing President Clinton. One woman watching with her friend said,

He looked right at me, straight at us, he definitely had an eye for us I think.

One man commented on the President’s appearance,

Like the hair, great hair

The cavalcade left as quickly as it had arrived and made its way to Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's constituency of Drumcondra.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 12 December 2000. The reporters is Colm O'Callaghan.