Edition 68 of Century Ireland is out on 2 December 2015 with all the news from 100 years ago.

The main stories from this edition include:

  • Irish Soldiers Refuse to Support Roger Casement in Germany
    There are claims that Irish soldiers held in German prisoner-of-war have rejected pleas from Sir Roger Casement to join the Irish brigade for Germany.

Roger Casement
Roger Casement

  • Kettle and Sinn Feiners Fight at Recruitment Meeting in Cork
    A recruitment meeting in Cork ended in scenes of turmoil and violence after loyalists and Sinn Feiners clashed on Patrick Street.
  • President Wilson Defends American Neutrality
    In his State of the Union address, President Woodrow Wilson has defended American neutrality. 
  • Large Anti-Conscription Meeting in Dublin
    A large anti-conscription meeting took place in the Mansion House in Dublin, and Patrick Pearse and Eoin MacNeill made rousing speeches.

Additional stories include:

  • Twenty Children Die in Measles Epidemic in Dublin
  • Francis Ledwidge: ‘A  New Voice in Irish poetry’ Hailed as a Masterpiece
  • Church Street Tenement Collapse Remembered

Church Street Collapse Remembered

  • Soldier Murders Colleague With Sweeping Brush

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