Ronan O'Kelly reports on the new fashion for rollerblading.

Fast, futuristic and very fashionable

Like surfing, skiing and snowboarding, the clothes are an integral part of the rollerblading scene. 

Clive Rowen of Skate City in Dublin's Temple Bar chats about the arrival of rollerblading in Ireland. Clive says that rollerblading is for all the family where as skateboarding has more of "a teenage cult type" association. 

Similar to an ice-skate, except for instead of a blade down the middle you have a single set of wheels.

The basic accessories required include knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, and a helmet. For the more advanced skaters there is also roller hockey, again with its accompanying accessories. In terms of fashion 

Big and baggy would be the stuff to wear... similar to skateboarding fashions... It allows you freedom of movement

The overall look is very much tied in with street culture -

Tough clothes for modern times.

This report for Head to Toe, presented by Ronan O'Kelly, was broadcast on 28 November 1995.