A new newspaper for Ireland 'The Sunday Tribune' is about to launch. RTÉ News meets some of the journalists working on the new publication.

The Sunday Tribune editor John Mulcahy believes the new paper will be taking an intelligent forceful and strong view of the issues of the day and he hopes it will reach 100,000 readers.

Mulcahy has unashamedly poached journalists to complement his existing staff from the republican political magazine Hibernia. These include ex RTÉ man Tom McGurk, from Hibernia militant feminist radical socialist Máirín de Búrca, from The Irish Times Geraldine Kennedy and from Independent Newspapers reporter Jim Farrelly.

Tom McGurk has already created a Tribune scoop by securing the private papers of former President of Ireland Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh. The paper will give the full story of the ex-President’s resignation from his perspective.

Geraldine Kennedy is looking forward to the challenge and scope of working for a Sunday paper. She will also be the first woman political correspondent for an Irish newspaper which she feels will bring an interesting new perspective to things.

Launching a newspaper is a gamble. If the paper fails it could bring the journalists down professionally. The Sunday Tribune news editor Jim Farrelly completely disagrees he is putting his reputation on the line saying

Why should the paper fail? I can't see it failing.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 1 November 1980. The reporter is Derek Davis.