Oranges for breakfast, just oranges, an apple, banana and pear for lunch salad and soup for dinner part of an all inclusive week at Cloona.

Cloona Health Centre in County Mayo, owned by Sonia Kelly, is just a short distance from Westport in the foothills of Croagh Patrick.

Sonia Kelly is a firm believer in a natural wholefood diet. Not only is this a sure recipe for good health, but it also leads to cheaper weekly grocery bills. What isn’t bought from the local Westport greengrocer is grown organically in her family garden.

An all inclusive week at Cloona costs £82.50. Guests are housed in an old converted textile mill a stone’s throw from the Kelly family home. Eric Cross, author of ‘The Tailor and Ansty’ found peace and companionship at Cloona during the latter part of his life. Guests come to the family house to have their early evening meal.

You’ll have to forget all about pork chops and chocolate cake if you come to Cloona Health Centre.

Meals at Cloona are strictly vegetarian. Breakfast consists of oranges and nothing more. Lunch is an apple, a banana and a pear. Dinner is vegetable soup and raw salad. Those wishing to maintain a natural wholefood diet for healthy living when they leave Cloona, can get instruction from Sonia who explains what to eat and what to avoid.

Diet is just one aspect of the health centre activities. Sonia also concentrates on exercises, like walking and yoga. Yoga classes make muscles supple and relaxed and relaxation in the physical and mental senses is very much part of the programme at Cloona. Sonia believes there is a growing interest in places like hers, offering some alternative lifestyle.

An ‘Ireland’s Eye’ report broadcast on 31 October 1980. The reporter is Colum Kenny.