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  • A Letter from the Grave of an Irish Soldier
    Captain A.J.D. Preston of the 6th Royal Dublin Fusiliers wrote a letter to his father in Co. Meath on the morning of 15 August 1915. That afternoon, Captain Preston was killed in action.
  • Irish Tourism Prospers Despite War
    The Irish Tourist Organisation Society has hailed the success of tourism across the island over the past year.
  • 1,100 Recruits a Week Needed from Ireland ‘To Replace Wastage’
    Major-General Sir Lovick Bransby Friend, the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in Ireland said yesterday that 1,100 recruits were needed from Ireland every week ‘to replace wastage’ of existing Irish soldiers.
  • Carson Resigns From the British Cabinet
    Sir Edward Carson, the leader of Unionism in Ireland, has resigned from the British Cabinet. It is speculated that his resignation is not related to disputes around conscription but rather relates to affairs in the Near East.

Additional stories include:

  • Britain Declares War on Bulgaria
  • Protests at Rise in the Price of  Milk
  • Zeppelin Raids on London Kills 127 People
  • ‘Giddy Girls' and Immorality in Dublin 
  • Change in Command of the Dardanelles Campaign

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