Young Travellers meet in Galway to mark ten years of progress in education and training.

Providing training and education for Travellers has met with many challenges and obstacles. RTÉ News reports from Galway where an event was held to mark the progress made during the last ten years. Twenty five training centres which have been set up around the country have provided opportunities in learning skills and crafts. Some young Travellers are now looking to set up their own businesses.

While progress may have been made with Traveller education the news is not as positive in relation to serviced halting sites especially in the Dublin area. The national co-ordinator for the education of Travellers Sister Colette Dwyer tells reporter Jim Fahy,

It is just very sad to hear in place after place that the ordinary people of Ireland won't allow Travellers to have a site or place where they can live in human dignity and comfort and be able to send their children to school.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 26 September 1995. The reporter is Jim Fahy.