Plans for a museum to house artefacts from the Spanish Armada. The site for the museum is planned for Streedagh, 11 miles north of Sligo town.

In May 1985 a team of divers discovered three canon guns. It is suggested that they belonged to Italian grain ships which the Spanish had commandeered for their invasion of England in 1588. It is thought that two vessels have been discovered. As a result of the finds, a local committee has been established to
set up an Armada Museum in the area.  A site for the museum has been donated by a local family, The Waters. It is envisaged that any conservation and preservation work would be done on site in the museum. However, the cost of recovering the artefacts and restoring the building to inhabit them could be prohibitive. 

Tommie Gorman speaks to Eamonn Tolan of the Streedagh Museum Committee about the plans.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 6 September 1985.