All the news from 100 years ago from Century Ireland.

The main stories from Edition 61 of Century Ireland include:

  • Stop Starving Ireland!
    A public meeting in the Mansion House in Dublin this afternoon heard pleas for the country’s farmers to increase the number and range of crops on their land.
  • Dubliners Heroic as Savage Fighting Continues at Suvla Bay
    News of Irish soldiers dying at Gallipoli comes now almost every day as fighting continues on the shores of Suvla Bay.
  • Allegations of Drunkenness Against Soldiers’ Wives Denied
    Claims that the wives of soldiers and sailors serving in the war are repeatedly drunk have been vigorously contested in Dublin.
  • John Redmond Visits Munitions Factory in Wicklow
    The leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party John Redmond visited a munitions factory based at Arklow, Co. Wicklow.

Additional stories include:

  • Army Officer Commits Suicide on Wicklow Train 
  • Marching Bands and Union Jacks Greet Lord Lieutenant in West of Ireland
  • Roscommon ‘Don Juan’ Loses Matrimonial Case
  • Wall Collapses at National Museum in Dublin

National Museum of Ireland
Science & Art Museum, Dublin

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