The experience of growing up black and Irish in a country where the majority of the population are white.

"Close Up" was a European Broadcasting Union (EBU) series on the subject of racism. Ireland's contribution to it was the RTÉ documentary "Black and Irish", profiling the lives of two young people of mixed race born and living in Ireland.

In this extract, Emma Dabouri and Colin Tannin share their experiences as they each set off for their day at school. According to Emma, most Irish people are white and Catholic and have never met a black person. They know about black people through missionaries who went to Africa.

Sometimes people think I am on holiday from another country and they ask am having a nice time? They are really surprised that a black person can be Irish.

Colin says he has always known that he is different. He is the only black person in his class in Synge Street, Dublin and was bullied a lot when he was in primary school. 

'Close Up: Black and Irish' was broadcast on 22 August 1995.