The story of an Irish political party machine that came to be known as the Donegal Mafia.

The little town of Kerrykeel marks the entrance to Fanad Peninsula in County Donegal, famous as one of the beauty spots of Ireland, but also known as the home of the most ruthless party machine in modern Irish politics - the Donegal Mafia. Fanad is also home to Neil T. Blaney, former boss of the Fianna Fáil party machine. Blaney is a name synonymous with the political life of the area since the war of independence.

American political scientist Dr Paul M Sacks took up residence in Fanad to study the Fianna Fáil party machine. This 'Seven Days' documentary takes a look at the findings of his research, which Paul Sacks describes as,

One political machine in the northern most corner of Ireland. But many of its themes are recognisable where ever Irish men have taken a hand in the political game.

He examines the political, social and economic impact that the partition of Ireland has had on County Donegal since 1922.

Politics, as elsewhere in Ireland, have been dominated by the rivalry between the two parties Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

As a result of his research and observations Dr Paul M Sacks published 'The Donegal Mafia: An Irish Political Machine' in 1976.

Ted Nealon provides the introduction to this documentary.

'Seven Days: Donegal Mafia' was broadcast on 4 July 1975.