All the news from 100 years ago via Century Ireland.

The main stories from 100 years ago include:

Anti-Conscription Meeting in Dublin
The rise in opposition to the prospect of conscription being introduced in Ireland continued with a public meeting in Beresford Place in Dublin yesterday.

German attacks Washington
A bomb was placed in the Capitol, Washington. It exploded and damaged a wing of the Senate.
The following morning a related assassination attempt was made on the banker J.P. Morgan at his home on Long Island, New York.

‘Prussian Despotism Will Destroy Ireland’
The Viceroy of Ireland, Lord Wimborne, Wimborne said yesterday that eleven months into the war, people did not appreciate the 'full gravity' of the situation in which they were placed.

Dublin Corporation Meeting Ends in Disorder
A special meeting of Dublin Corporation ended in disorder last night when a motion calling for the Home Rule Act to be put into operation for all Ireland by 17 September next was defeated.

Additional stories include:

  • Cockfight Near the Curragh
    A cockfight was held on the border of the The Curragh in Kildare near Rathangan village. 
  • Men Were Dropping All Around 
    A letter written by an officer in the Munster Fusiliers on 1 May 1915 has arrived in Ireland. 
  • Muted Celebration of Twelfth in Ulster
    The Twelfth of July Anniversary was celebrated across Ulster yesterday in a more restricted manner than at any time in living memory. 
  • Poem in Honour of Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa
    O'Donovan Rossa
    The Southern Star has published a poem written in honour of the recently deceased Fenian leader, Jeremiah O’Donovan Rossa. 
  • Wheat Acreage in Ireland Grows
    The committee appointed to inquire into the nature of food production in Ireland will hold its first meeting. 

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