The Women's Political Association works to increase the overall involvement of women at all levels of practical politics.

Joy O'Farrell, Chairperson of the Women's Political Association , is profiled on 'Women for Today'.  The WPA is determined to overthrow the inferiority complex that keeps women out of political life.

Speaking at a meeting in Dublin in 1975 she says,

Politics is an inescapable part of each one's life. From the time we get up in the morning to the time we go to bed we are completely at the mercy of government policies of one kind or another. The first thing most people do is to turn on the state light, wash in water provided by the state, make a cup of tea using state electricity, listen to state radio, go to work on state buses or drive ones car on state roads.

Gemma Hussey talks of the difficulties that arose at early meetings and explains how important Joy O'Farrell has been to help organise and establish the Women's Political Association.  

This edition of 'Women for Today' was first broadcast on 1 June 1975. The presenter is Kevin O'Connor