'On the Land' visits a County Derry school to see a student cooperative that has been set up.

Reporter Ted Nealon visited Garvagh School to learn more about the co-op which is run by Rural Science Master David Kelly.

David Kelly explains what students learn as part of the Rural Science project. Although aimed at educating pupils the co-op is run as a business.

We try to run it exactly as a farm business would be run. We actually run it as a small company. We have 1,000 half crown shares with the pupils being the shareholders. 

Students learn about gardening in the first three years, growing vegetables, fruit, flowers and shrubs. In the fourth year they starting on learning more about agriculture. There is a sheep project with eight cross bred yews, and a poultry enterprise.

This episode of On the Land was first broadcast 16 May 1965. The reporter is Ted Nealon.

'On the Land' was a weekly programme for farmers broadcast from 1962 to 1971.