A look back 5,000 years at the first Irish farmers.

'Our First Farmers: Settlers Who Inhabited the West' takes a look back at Ireland in 3,000BC. 

Presented by Martin Downes the film traces the origins of farming in Ireland with a stone walled field system, the remains of cultivated ridges, also known as lazy beds, and ploughing marks preserved under bog in North Mayo. 

There were people in North Mayo 5,000 years ago. That's 3,000 years before the birth of Christ. They may have belonged to the very first people in Ireland. Certainly, they were the very first farmers.

At the time, much of Mayo was covered in forest, under which was rich soil. 

Archaeologist Seamus Caulfield describes how the early farmers prepared the land for farming, and the built stone walls.  

'Our First Farmers: Settlers Who Inhabited the West' was broadcast on 9 May 1975