A prayer for smokers, and the story of a woman who has given up butter.

From 'The Gay Byrne Show' in 1987 a prayer for smokers, or for those who have fallen by the wayside during Lent.

Heavenly Father, hear my plea,
And grant my lungs serenity,
Give me the strength to kick the smoking,
That's been causing all my choking,
Let my breath be fresh and clean,
Without a trace of nicotine,
Guide me by your holy means,
Past all cigarette machines, 
I ask your help and it's not wonder,
If I don't quit, I'm six feet under.

This is followed by the story of a lady who has given up butter for lent and replaced it with sex.

'Listeners Letters' was a regular slot on The Gay Byrne Show.

This episode of 'The Gay Byrne Show' was broadcast on 12 March 1987.