Nick Coffey reports on the role of women in Irish farming

'Landmark' takes a look at the role of women in farming in Ireland and the title of 'Queen of the Land'. The present Queen of the Land, Kathleen Sinnott, is given the task of selecting the new Queen, who is Paula Bree from Clonakilty. 

This report shows Kathleen Sinnott at home on the farm outside Mountmellick, Co. Laois. RTÉ broadcaster Marian Finucane is also pictured on her farm where she breeds sheep and Mary Keane on her farm in Co. Galway. 

Mamo McDonald, President of the Irish Countrywomen's Association (ICA), has raised the controversial question about the role of women in agriculture in Ireland and travels the country in support of the "enormous" role that women play in farming. Mamo argues that despite the contribution made by women, they have very little contribution to policy decisions in agricultural vocations. Mamo sums up the role of women in agriculture as "High input, low status". 

Pat O'Hara, Eileen Booth and Marian Finucane also comment on the poor return for women despite the amount of work they contribute to farming.

This 'Landmark' report by Nick Coffey was broadcast on 24 January 1985.