The place of American Indians in modern society is the subject of conversation for Blackfoot Indian Jamake Highwater in the programme 'Tangents' from 1974.

Reporter Larry Masterson meets Jamake at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin where Jamake talks about being a Native American in the modern world. Jamake decribes public reaction to his physical appearance, and how opinion of American Indians is influenced by negative stereotypes as portrayed in Hollywood movies and on television. 

Jamake Highwater was in Ireland to write articles for Playboy and Time-Life magazines.

While Jamake put himself forward as a spokesperson for the 'Blackfoot Indian', his motivations and his ancestry later came into question from other Native Americans.

Jamake Highwater (1942-2001) published over 30 books of music, poetry, art and history. Born Jay Marks, he later changed his name claiming American Indian ancestry, a claim which has been the subject of controversy amongst other American Indian activists. Apparently born to Indian parents, he was adopted at about the age of seven and little is known or can be confirmed about his ancestry.

This episode of 'Tangents' was broadcast on 8 April 1974. 

The 'Tangents' series covered news and current affairs and was broadcast after the main evening news from 1972 to 1974.