A look back to a 2003 report on how blogging will impact the mainstream media.

As blogging becomes more common across the globe, does this present a significant threat to the traditional mainstream media?

Matthew Clark, Assistant Editor with ElectricNews.Net says that people blog in order to stay in touch with like-minded individuals.

Anthony Murnane reports on the growing prevalence of blogs on the internet with currently over a million weblogs.

Blogger.com is a website that allows non-techies to create and publish their own online diaries and make their mark on the net. Blogger.com has recently been bought by search engine Google, which will help to make blogging more mainstream.

Caelen King, from NewBay Software talks about the potential of using phones to make blogging mobile. Some analysts predict that in two years time everyone with a mobile phone will have a website. It is thought that this is the reason that Google bought Blogger.

News and current affairs are now beginning to spread around the globe quicker than the mainstream media can get their hands on it. It is possible that Google bosses see blogging as a future way of gathering news and information.