The Pentecostal Movement has been growing within the Catholic Church, beginning in America and spreading to Ireland and other countries.

On Pentecost Sunday 1973, the movement was strong enough to hold an open-air rally on the Hill of Slane, Co. Meath. Broadcast on 23 January 1974 this film documents this gathering and other small meetings at various locations and portrays the dedication of participants of the Pentecostal movement, young and old, religious and lay.

Catholic Pentecostalism in Ireland, also known as Charismatic Renewal, promotes spiritual renewal within the Church and welcomes both protestant and catholic participants. While it was initially viewed with a degree of scepticism by some in the church, many individual priests and nuns whole-heartedly embrace it.

Father Edward O’Connor, one of the founders of the movement addressed participants at a recent day of prayer and renewal. Father Edward provides a background to the movement involving speaking in tongues, prayer meetings and the importance of spiritual renewal.

‘Radharc: The Turned-on People of God’ was broadcast on 23 January 1974.

'Radharc', a series specialising in religious programming, was produced for RTÉ by Radharc, an independent production company run by Catholic priests and lay staff. 'Radharc' can be translated to English as 'view' or 'panorama'.

Pentecostal Movement, Radharc, 1974